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Social Casino Software

socialgamesWith the advent of the internet the world was changed. Many things that used to rely physical appearance have now become doable from the confines of ones own home. The internet itself has begun to revolutionize how we interact socially and this has spread all throughout our interactions. One of the primary ways the internet is changing the social paradigm is by making online gambling a viable option. Many casinos now are putting their businesses online for their customers to utilize from the safety and comfort of their own home.

Even though casinos are online the basics of what makes a casino enjoyable have not changed. Customers still want to be able to make money, gamble, and socialize with other gamblers while doing so. Online casino gaming, much like the other realm of online gaming, is now beginning to adhere to allowing all of their users to socialize. Chat rooms in games like Black Jack, Roulette, and Poker are the standard. Some casinos even offer voice chatting and video chatting to make real the gambling lifestyle.There are other routes, too, that make social casino software more viable. Some users want to interact but still maintain their anonymity. The way that this is accomplished is through the usage of 3D avatars. 3D avatars are customizable character representations of the gambler in the game. This way gamblers can socialize and show themselves of without having to actually reveal anything about themselves.Other social casino software creations include making the gambling even more competitive by introducing social aspects like leader boards, high scores, and players of the week. These are basic achievements that the casino can offer. Even though these achievements can be won by anyone the idea of being able to win something else heavily encourages people to continue gambling. There is a reason arcade machines were so popular in the 80s and early 90s. Everyone wanted to throw their name up on the leader board and have a good time while doing it. In this way the modern day casino is no different but the kids are no longer kids and now money earning adults and the stakes are much higher than a couple of quarters. More information regarding casino apps and their connection to social gaming can be located at

The final way that gambling establishments are seeking to use social casino software is by the integration of pre-existing social networks. Now the hardcore gambler can link his or her Facebook profile to their gambling profile and introduce a whole new world of connectivity and socializing aspects. With how prevailing the world of social media is it was only a matter of time until casinos got involved.

So as can be clearly seen the world of gambling has changed mightily since the days of Vegas being the only gambling destination. People are no longer obliged to leave their home, drive across the country, or deal with long lines and smelly buildings. Now the only way people need in order to gamble is an internet connection, a computer, and some money on their credit card.

Please remember, that even though many of these social games are for fun, some may pose a real issue for problem gamblers.  Please read here for support on said issue: